Intake forms are necessary so that your massage therapist can determine the best treatment course for your particular concerns. Therapists need to alter techniques depending on whether or not there has been a recent injury, certain pathological processes, medications and general health changes.  Before proceeding the therapist needs to be properly apprised of your situation so they can receive informed consent from you for the treatment.

 This is a requirement of all the professional organizations that govern massage. We also need to keep a record of the treatment date, clinical observations and how we proceeded with your massage. This is for liability purposes and protects you, the massage therapist and the clinic. 

 We are legally required to have you update this form every year.

This is a professional duty required by all registered Massage Therapists in Alberta and as such we at Euphoria Wellness Coventry require that our therapists adhere to their standards of practice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Euphoria Wellness Centre