Preface to the Policy on treating minors at Euphoria Wellness, Coventry Saskatchewan and Alberta both have legislation at which age a child may provide consent to any health directives with or without parent/guardian approval or attendance during a treatment. In Saskatchewan it is 16 and in Alberta it is 18. However, chronological age is not the only defining factor in determining age which includes developmental and emotional maturity. Considering this we have made the determination that to protect our therapists from incorrect information coming from a child client regarding inappropriate discussion or touch and to protect the child from inappropriate discussion or touch from the therapists, we will err on the side of caution.

Obviously the majority of minors aged 15 to 18 can be considered to be adult, however that can only be determined by the parent/guardian and the therapists comfort level. The following policy will reflect these points.

Policy on Treating Children Under the Age of 18

All children and youth are considered minors until the age of 18 in Alberta. Parental/guardian consent will be required for each intake after the therapist has discussed a treatment plan with
the parent/guardian. Those youth age 16 to 18 can receive a treatment without a parent/guardian present if the parent/guardian permits and signs a release form.

Children/Youth under the age of 16 will require a parent present until a relationship has developed between the therapist, parent and child (usually 2 or more treatments or determined
by the parent/guardian and therapist). If the parent/guardian and therapist feels comfortable leaving their child unattended then a release form must be signed stating as such. A therapist can never ask a parent to leave the room if the parent/guardian is required to be there and a release form has not been signed by the parent/guardian. The therapist must be familiar with the laws in Alberta protecting minors from harm, and understand the massage requirements for treating children/youth. Parents/guardians will need to be familiar with our policy on leaving children unattended in the reception area and young children that may be disruptive to other clients while receiving their treatment