Euphoria Wellness Centre Coventry is very supportive of children both in the treatment room and in the reception area. 

We are, however, not a childcare service and children cannot be left unattended in the reception area while a parent is receiving a treatment. This is for safety of the children and liability purposes. Our guest service staff cannot be responsible for the safely of your children, so we request that they be in the room with you while receiving your treatment or left at home with child care. 

We also realize that it may be necessary to bring children to the clinic if both parents are getting a massage or acupuncture. If this means one parent remains in the reception area while the other is receiving treatment this is not a problem unless the child becomes disruptive. Unfortunately, the clinic walls are not soundproof, and we cannot disturb those in a treatment with undo noise from crying, speaking loudly or playing loudly. If this is the case, you will be requested to leave with your child until your appointment time. 

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.