7 Ways to be more Present

Sometimes, life seems like it’s moving at a rapid speed. Although time hasn’t changed, our lives have. We’re packing more and more things into a day while trying to reduce stress and anxiety. Living in the present is a practice that can be achieved by implementing little things into your daily life. Try these simple changes and notice subtle changes in your mood and lifestyle.

Celebrate the little things. When you stop and feel grateful for achievements, you are living in the present. Consciously think about things that make you happy and celebrate them. It could be as simple as you’d like. Just take time to feel gratitude and happiness in those moments.

Make mindfulness a practice. Meditation is a great way to achieve mindfulness. Take a short amount of time to sit in a comfortable spot, notice your body, feel your breath and relax. Although it’s difficult to quiet your mind, you can be aware when your mind wanders – all you have to do is come back to the present.

Listen to your body. Stress can often amplify if we do not listen to or combat it. Being aware of your body can help break the stress cycle. Your body is always sending messages, so be sure to listen to them.

Feel your feelings. Welcome any emotion you are experiencing. When it comes to feeling your emotions, it’s important to recognize, acknowledge, investigate and non-identify.

Self-reflect. This can come in many forms. Try to set aside 10 minutes to reflect on your life, relationships and work. Ask yourself important questions: “Am I getting stressed over things I cannot control” and set goals to help improve these aspects of your life.

Go digital-free. Technology can be a distraction to your day to day and time spent with loved ones. Your phone should not own you. Try and set boundaries for yourself by setting time limits on technology.

Declutter your calendar. If you’re running from place to place, it’s difficult to be present. Leave room for time to be alone, with loved ones and enjoying the moment.

Spend time for yourself. Read a book, practice yoga, take a walk, get a massage. Now is the time to focus on your well-being.


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